Scotlands Songs

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吀爀愀挀欀 㤀
(唀渀欀渀漀眀渀 愀氀戀甀洀 ⠀㈀㌀开 ㄀开㈀ ㄀  ㄀ 开 )

The lament of a young woman forced by her mother to marry an older man for money. By Robert Burns.

Hear this song performed by Aspograss of Plockton (Hannah on vocals, Lauren on clarinet, Coralea on fiddle, Aoife on clarsach, Murdo on accordion, plus special guests Struan on saxophone and Calum on guitar)

What can a young lassie, what shall a young lassie

What can a young lassie dae wi an auld man?

Bad luck on the penny that tempted my minnie

Tae sell her puir Jenny for siller an land

He's always complainin frae mornin till evenin

He hoasts and he hirples the weary day lang

He's doylt an he's dosin, his blood it is frozen

Oh dreary's the night wi a crazy auld man

He hums and he hankers, he frets and he cankers

I never can please him, dae aa that I can

He's peevish an jealous o aa the young fellows

Oh weary's my life wi me crazy auld man*

My auld auntie Kitty, upon me taks pity

I'll dae my endeavour tae follow her plan

I'll cross him an wrack him, until I hairt-brak him

And then his auld brass will buy me a new pan

* (Burns wrote this line as 'Oh dool on the day I met wi an auld man')

The group are called Aspograss, who explain that, “We started to arrange this song during our annual Burns music weekend in January. We have to arrange a Burns song in a day and play it that evening. (Tutor Sylvia Barnes) suggested this song to the band, but she probably didn’t anticipate that we would come up with the type of arrangement for it that we did!”