Scotlands Songs

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The Fisherman's Lassie

吀爀愀挀欀 ㄀㌀
(唀渀欀渀漀眀渀 愀氀戀甀洀 ⠀㈀㌀开 ㄀开㈀ ㄀  ㄀ 开 )

Oh, the fisherman's a bonny bonny man

Ah've ne'er seen onything bolder

He wears his sea beets ower his knees

An his straps across his shoulder



Ah'm a ramblin tamblin fal a do a day

Ah'm a ramblin tamblin lassie

Ah'm a ramblin tamblin fal a do a day

An they caa me the fisherman's lassie


Oh, ah'll dress masel oot in my Sunday best

Ah'll mak masel look bonnie

An ah'll ging awa doon tae the herbour side

For to see my handsome Johnny

Now my Johnny he's a fisherman fine

He brings in cran of herring

An noo he's comin hame tae me

An our love we'll soon be sharing

Hear the song sung by Natalie Chalmers of Plockton

Singer Isla St. Clair says her grandmother, Madge MacDonald of the Isle of Lewis, sang this song while standing on the quay at Stornoway waiting for the fishing boats to return home. Someone called David Kleiman added the third verse.