Scotlands Songs

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This site shares the old and new Scottish songs that were selected for use in Secondary schools on the deleted Education Scotland website called Scotland's Songs. 

There is a companion site for use in Primary schools, at


Both the sites have recordings of the songs, lyrics and notes.

The site is created and maintained by Ewan McVicar, who made the Education Scotland site. 

Ewan works with Christine Kydd in schools throughout Scotland, see

This site has significant recorded input from various educational sources and agencies, particularly from present and past students of the National Centre for Excellence in Plockton, from The New Makars Trust, and the US Alan Lomax Archive. New tracks have been specially recorded by harpist Heather Yule, by North East singer Lillian Ross, by song group Tryst and by Ewan McVicar.

Recordings made by Katherine and Colin Campbell and others for Traditional Scottish Songs & Music are used. Much use is being made of recordings from self-released CDs by Scots performers, and from commercial issues from Greentrax. Performers in a wide range of styles and musical genres include the Kiltearn Fiddlers, Christine Kydd, Jeannie Robertson, Ceolbeg, the Mick West Band, various army pipe bands, Alison McMorland and Geordie MacIntyre, Gill Bowman, Two's Company, Bob Pegg, Fiddler s Bid, the Linties, Ullapool High School, Jean Redpath, Jock Duncan, Hamish Henderson, Gordeanna MacCulloch, Dick Gaughan, Andy Thorburn, the Chorus Quartet, plus many archive recordings of local singers and musicians and of 'live' performances.